Admissions Procedures


The Montessori International School of Vietnam gives priority in admission to students who have previously been enrolled in a Montessori programme, siblings of students or graduates; applicants who participated in the School’s previous programmes, and applicants for full day classes.

Upon request, Parents will receive an admission package which include necessary forms and a tuition schedule.


A non-refundable and non-transferable application fee must accompany each application. An application will not receive consideration until the application fee is received.


After receipt of a completed enrolment document and application fee, the School will send to the Parents a written confirmation of the status of their child’s application. Prospective students will be scheduled for an informal assessment with Director and/or teacher.

Applicants accepted for admission will receive an invoice accompanying the acceptance letter. To secure your child’s place, payment has to be made by the date specified in the invoice. No child will be allowed to attend class until his/her school fees have been paid in full.


Class assignments will be made at the recommendation of the admissions team in the best interest of the child. Parents may make requests in writing, but assignments will be made at the discretion of the school.


During the admission process, students with learning difficulties are evaluated on an individual basis to determine if the School programme can meet their needs. The School requires applicants with previously identified learning needs to provide past school records, evaluations and accurate information of multi-disciplinary services in use. Whilst the School believes in supporting children with developmental challenges, it cannot provide comprehensive special education services.


Transportation is provided to and from school. Members of our staff will monitor the children’s safety during their journey. Transportation application forms are available at the school office. Completed forms must be submitted to the school office prior to commencement of service. Telephone requests will not be accepted.


Application form
Terms and Conditions for Enrolment FORM
field trip Form
Publicity Release Form
Consent For Treatment Form
Transportation FORM

Liability Release Form