About Us

Our Mission

ourmissionphotosThe Montessori International School of Vietnam seeks to enable all its pupils to achieve their fullest potential by providing them with a nurturing and stimulating environment, and by being sensitive and responsive to their individual needs.

The School strongly emphasizes the development of the child’s qualities and skills that will help her or him become happy, confident and responsible individuals with an intrinsic motivation for life-long learning.

Our School – A better start for a better future

At the Montessori International School of Vietnam:

  • The children will be happy, secure and motivated through their play and work.
  • They will learn life skills to become independent and responsible members of the family and community.
  • They will be equipped with academic foundation skills (reading, writing, arithmetic and sciences) essential to academic success in higher learning.
  • They will have an opportunity to be immersed in a total English-speaking environment and be introduced to other languages, French, Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese.
  • Each preschooler’s well-rounded development will be focused on: all physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspects.
  • We welcome all children from 6 months to 9 years old from all communities.
  • We provide a beautiful and stimulating environment: ample indoor and outdoor space, specially designed Montessori apparatus, educational materials, equipment and facilities.
  • Our curriculum is designed based on Montessori methodology and practice, and is enhanced with a variety of other programs.
  • It incorporates worldwide major programs and textbooks for the preschool level.
  • Introduces Vietnamese and French culture through language, art, P.E. and music programs.
  • Our teaching staff is recruited from around the globe for their Early Childhood expertise, Montessori qualification, extensive teaching experience, dedication and warmth towards children.
  • We are affiliated with the International Montessori School of Beijing (China) and Northeast Montessori Institute (USA), both established and recognized organizations, to keep the school’s programs and quality at the forefront of education.
  • The School and its founder are members of the American Montessori Society.