Parent-Child Group – RIE® inspired environment for infants from 0-18 months

The first RIE®-inspired Parent-Child Class in Vietnam is open for children from 0 to 18 months. This is a significant avenue for parents to grow together with their child in a nurturing and thoroughly prepared environment, led by a teacher/facilitator trained at the foundation stage in the RIE® method.

The basic principles of RIE® – trust, environment, uninterrupted play, freedom to explore, involvement of the child in all care activities, sensitive observation and consistency – provides for a child’s self-confidence, curiosity and secure relationships with their caregivers.  

Resource for Infant Educaring or RIE® was created following Magda Gerber’s observations of children. As an early childhood educator, she firmly believed in respect for the child and respect for the child’s decisions. With a safe, but cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing environment, children are given the freedom to explore and develop. This inherent freedom allows the child to develop at their own pace without unnecessary constraint from the adults, especially through too many rules. They may walk and climb as they wish. They may lie and sit as they wish rather than being told off for ‘incorrect posture’. 


Gerber also looked at how adults interact with children, that is to say, not just how adults talk to children, or where they stand e.g. hovering, she looked at the daily needs to which an adult is required. For example, to many parents or nannies, changing nappies is a chore, this outwardly reflects on the child. Gerber saw that this was a good time when parents can show their respect for the child and connect with him, and that there is no time when a child is with a parent that is ‘bad time’. 


The RIE® approach is used around the world and has heavily influenced the early childcare programme – as it looks at the needs of families as a whole. 


If you would like to learn more about how to use RIE® at home or see it in practice in our Infant/Nido classrooms, please contact the School for more details. 


Free workshops (parents only) about RIE® and free trial Parent-Child sessions with a facilitator are also offered. After one trial session, the infant/toddler can start the Parent-Child Class with the parent or nanny. The Parent-Child Class might last up to 8 weeks depending on the family’s need and schedule and can be repeated if the child is younger than 16 months.  Each child’s Parent-Child session is planned individually to reflect the unique needs and development of the child.  After the Parent-Child sessions, the child might be ready to join our Infant-Toddler/Nido or Nursery programme without the parent’s company. 

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