“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”

- Maria Montessori


American Montessori Society

The Montessori International School of Vietnam - Thao Dien Campus - is a Full International Member School of the internationally respected American Montessori Society (founded in 1960), which is one of the leading proponents of the Montessori method. It has member and accredited schools in the US and around the world, with the idea that they collaborate, act ethically, as well as follow Montessori's educational philosophy. The Society also publishes guidance for both Montessori practitioners and parents. MIS' An Phu Campus is an Associate Satellite International School of AMS.

Why Montessori?


Modern Languages taught: Chinese Mandarin, French, Spanish & Vietnamese

Different Abilities Welcome

Admission to the School is not based on ability.


Parents/guardians can observe their child’s class at any point throughout the year.

Language of Instruction

English is the primary language of instruction – teachers and teaching assistants do not speak Vietnamese to the students.

First Montessori school in Vietnam

We have over eleven years of experience in teaching an authentic Montessori curriculum

More than just a name

We understand Montessori is just more than a name and inspiration, we practise and teach the philosophy


We understand the needs for transitioning to international schools, particularly schools that follow the IB's PYP and MYP.


We promote community within the School and outside it. We support the Hoa Mẫu Đơn and Christina Noble orphanages with teachers, resources, gifts and visits.



We chose Montessori because our children love their school. Whenever they stay on the long or short holiday, they’re always eager to come back school. Our children have gained much knowledge with happiness and safety. Our children have been going to Montessori since 2013 and we still choose Montessori for them now. Besides our choosing, I hear from other parents who said that their children have significant development after 1-2 weeks after going to the Montessori School. They properly follow the Montessori. It’s great. In our opinion, the Montessori International School is one of the best schools for young children in Ho Chi Minh City.

Hien (Vietnam)

My children have attended the Montessori International School since the age of 3 (this is my eldest son’s 7th school year). I am constantly impressed by the quality of work they do everyday: academics are rigorous but taught in a way that makes them enjoy it. The school offers a very pure Montessori curriculum, which was very important to us. My children are very happy and love their school. I have watched them blossom, to grow strong and become confident. There is nothing more delightful than having children who love to learn and come home to talk about it. And this is definitely thanks to their teachers who are fantastic. Both my sons have wonderful relationships with them.

Seila (France)

Our two sons, aged 5 and 8, have thrived at the Montessori International School, where they have the opportunity to concentrate deeply on the works they choose. The multi-age classrooms, in particular, are a unique feature, which encourages the younger students to learn new works like their older friends, and for the older students to help out the younger friends.

Gregory and Pamela (USA)

For us it is extremely important for our son to grow up in a diverse culture, making friends with all kind of nationalities & ages. As soon as you enter Montessori International School each day you are greeted by such friendly, engaging and nurturing educators & staff. They take the time to know each child and their families so that everyone is comfortable; the children and the parents! Each day we hear stories from our son about the fun, adventures and learning that he has experienced; reinforced by the photos and stories that the educators share with us.

Justin and Nelda (Netherlands/Philippines)

My sons have been in the Montessori school for nearly three year and have benefited tremendously in their overall development each day. They go to the An Phu campus, which helps them find local friends, while attaining an international standard schooling experience. Our concerns as parents have always been handled sensitively and professionally, bringing about a learning experience on both sides. I love the personalized, homely atmosphere that the staff bring about, while maintaining high Montessori standards for the children.

Archana (India)

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