MIS aspires to enable all its students to achieve their fullest potential by providing them with a nurturing and stimulating environment, and by being sensitive and responsive to their individual needs. 

The School strongly emphasizes the development of qualities and skills that will help its children  become happy, confident, and responsible individuals with a life-long love for learning and for contribution to our global community.


Our programmes are built on these core values and objectives:


Self-respect, respect for others, respect for the environment, honesty, integrity and responsibility.


Concern for one another, for humanity, kindness, peacefulness, understanding and acceptance. A lifelong commitment of service to people who are in need.

Independence and Confidence

Doing for oneself, understanding one’s own capabilities. Confidence, trust and belief in oneself. 


Responsibility to and healthy dependence upon one another, a love of community and nature.


Quality in all that we do to serve the children, and the cultivation of the pursuit of excellence within our students.

Universal Understanding

A global perspective, and an understanding of being part of something bigger than oneself. Responsible for nature preservation and making the world a better place.