What does the Montessori International School of Vietnam have to offer?

The diversity of our faculty, the infrastructures and services MIS provides distinguishes it from other schools. MIS is proud to offer unprecedented services including but not limited to transportation, flexible and customized schedules, after school care and activities, pre-enrollment programs with presence of parents or nannies inside the class, and more. Our facilities include air purifiers inside each classroom, top quality learning materials and spacious, child appropriately designed classrooms.

Parents and guardians are able to follow their children’s progress through the excellent online Montessori-based ‘Transparent Classroom’.

Not only are the students internationally diverse, the teaching staff is as well. Our teachers are qualified and experienced across the whole school while those caring for infants have additional and extensive experience and knowledge in child care and parenting approaches.

In the Infant Toddler Class, at the River House Campus, we not only practice the Montessori Method but also follow the worldwide popular approach of Resources for Infant Educators (RIE). RIE inspires us to hold a firm belief in respect of the child and total trust in their decision.

On an academic level, children are encouraged to explore their natural desire to learn in a comfortable environment that is emotionally nurturing, cognitively challenging, and physically safe. In MIS’s environment students can feel confident to engage and make their own discoveries through activities that are age appropriate, fun, and fulfill each child cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically.

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