The Early Start programme is a great chance for children from 12 months to 3 years old to get acquainted with the Montessori learning environment for 2 hours per day, being accompanied by a parent or a guardian. The joining time is from 8 to 10 AM, which includes outdoor play and socialisation, morning snack and indoor activities, led by the Nursery Head Teacher.

The Early Start programme includes:

  • Music & Movements;
  • Sensory play;
  • Guided work with Montessori materials;
  • Storytelling;
  • Arts & crafts;
  • Food preparation;
  • Splash pool.

The programme requires participation for up to 8 – 16 weeks, depending on their age at the start, after which the child may join our school’s Nido or Nursery programme. Early Start aims to prepare children for a smooth and stressless adjustment and transition to our Nido or Nursery programme.

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