The Montessori International School of Vietnam (MIS) is the first and the oldest Montessori school in Ho Chi Minh City and in Vietnam.

MIS is an international school that embraces authenticity of the Montessori education and fully adheres to the Montessori approach. It values meaningful partnership between students, families and the school. 

MIS follows the Montessori philosophy and method in combination with other innovative educational practices. MIS, along with its well-diversed and dedicated staff and teachers, and meaningful partnership with its families is committed to and passionate about discovering each child’s innate capabilities and learning differences, nurturing their qualities and uniqueness to unfold their potential and help them grow to become the person they desire to be while being happy, fulfilled and responsible global citizens. 

To achieve our goal, MIS spends endless effort in designing programmes and daily activities to ensure its children’s well-rounded development and enjoyment from their learning experiences. Each child should feel safe, secure, respected and happy in their daily school life.

MIS guides and facilitates learning and happy experiences in children through their exploration and discovery, with concrete and hands-on materials and through interactions among friends and adults. 

In support with the Montessori philosophy, MIS offers:

  • respect for the individual and recognition of individual’s learning ability and pace;
  • balance of freedom and responsibility in the classroom (freedom within limits);
  • respect for each child as a competent learner, and trust in the child’s innate desire to learn;
  • opportunities for both independent and cooperative work;
  • ample support for socio-emotional development in children.
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